Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hey there...

Hey there...

I am starting a new blog. In some ways it will be more personal (it is named after me after all), but in other ways it will be less. i need a space to talk about the things I enjoy and think are awesome, because somewhere along the way I lost a place for me to exist comfortably, on the internet, in the physical world and in my own headspace.

So, I just want this blog to reflect what I'm doing, writing and thinking about. It is definitely not going to be a personal style blog, more a living embodiment of Stuff White People Like. I am proud and happy of what I wrote at Hipster Musings for so many years, but it just feels right to move on. I am both a struggling newbie and a grumpy old woman. Like Charlie from The Perks of Being A Wallflower, I am both happy and sad and still trying to figure out how that can be.

I need a space that can grow with me and let me be myself, instead of trying to be a well-liked 'personality.' My life is more about drinking french press coffee in the mornings and cooking with kale and passively perusing the internet these days instead of frequent comments and likes. I think that as long as I can make writing and magazine publishing my career, and maybe getting laid sometime, I'll be doing groovy.

...and I'm wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt right now.

Isabel B. Slone


  1. I enjoy your simile to PoBaW. I totes just watched the movie with my friends the other day in theaters. Also happy to see you blogging again.

  2. Hello Isabel,

    I just found this blog today and I'm glad I did.

    I feel like everything I say here will sound so lame and out of context because I've never met you before but this post is very personal and I feel closer to you than ever before, when I was reading all of your writings on Hipster Musings. I'm glad this blog will be an alternative niche to expand yourself in and in so many ways I feel like you have already achieved so much with Hipster Musings and this is your time to pull back and focus on your headspace. I've always struggled with Happenings in Singsong. I was never sure if I wanted to writing about fashion or just things that inspire, anger and move me. Now I'm doing both on there and it's bit of a cluster fuck sometimes. Anyway, I will visit this blog often.