Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pearly Kings and Queens

Have you ever heard of the Pearly Kings and Queens before? They are this historic London charity where people wear these insane suits covered in pearl buttons and badges and collect money to distribute to the less fortunate. I wish I knew more about them then that, but all of their websites are really vague. This is such an inspiring example of a group using fashion for social change - their outfits put people in a good mood and make them donate more money. I am determined to interview some of these Pearlies and make a story about it. Until then, enjoy these wicked pictures.


  1. I've always wondered...are the supercalifragilous cartoons in mary poppins pearly kings and queens?

  2. I'm looking forward for that interview , it's so interesting and inspiring to see this pictures , I can imagine how cool it would be to read the interview