Monday, October 29, 2012

Toronto Fashion Week

Picture c/o FASHION Magazine

While we are all busy staying in eating ice cream and weathering this damn hurricane (ok, fine, it's more of a rainstorm in Toronto, but I really want to get in on all the alarmist fun), let us revisit a calmer, simpler time known as Toronto Fashion Week. #TFW is a total mixed bag. Instead of getting straight-up ready-to-wear lines shown to magazine editors and retailers, Toronto Fashion Week is more of a marketing opportunity that retailers use to 'make a splash'. Sometimes this works out really well (Korhani Home Rug) and other times not so much (Pavoni). Neither a rug company or a bridal/eveningwear company really need to show at Toronto Fashion Week, but that's the kinda stuff we get up here.
 Picture c/o FASHION magazine

I wrote reviews about PavoniSoïa & Kyo and Arthur Mendonça for the Toronto Standard. Some asshole PR person got mad about my Pavoni review and sent a really nasty e-mail to my editor saying that I wasn't a real journalist (because all REAL JOURNALISTS write positive reviews, right?), that I am a pre-pubescent tween with parental issues, dissed my blog and claimed I acted like the designers "had run over my dog." Really, dude? The media industry is really weird like that. Every day my skin gets a little thicker.
Picture c/o Toronto Life


  1. cleveland fashion week is exactly the same thing. they claim it's the "third largest fashion week in the country." but like, how?

  2. love the new blog.
    with a white background the photos realy pop.
    really like it.

  3. Ah dear, I can imagine the media industry being really tough to deal with sometimes. Is it ok for me to say that I really like what you're wearing? I really liked Toronto when I was there. It's a nice city.

  4. SO GLAD you will continue to write about things, because you are one of my favorites. NEVER STOP.

    and holy shit, did that PR person really do that? so gross and unprofessional/

  5. Sounds like the publicist is the one who took it personally. Have they really never had to encounter a bad review before?

    Sick Pendleton, brah.

  6. agh so in love with that outfit. and hahahahahah stupid people bein' stupid. keep writing, my friend.

  7. Speaking of bridal, were you at Paraezo? Totally the wrong venue for, I thought (I mean, who shows bridal gowns at a very white/light-coloured space that's so small? I mean, the gowns were literally touching people's shoes) far no nasty comments from PR people due to my post (knock on wood)...

  8. I never like how PR people feel like bloggers or journalists are obligated to write a positive review. Glad your skin is getting thicker. I like your style and your writing. Please keep it up.